Business VPN

A business VPN reinforces the security of remote access by encrypting user traffic. This allows the company to keep a close watch on user activity, all the while cloaking transactions between employees and the company’s servers from the public.

Different kinds of Business VPN

A virtual private network, or VPN, is an encrypted connection for users to connect and access private data across a public network. VPNs provide a cloak of privacy, keeping away prying eyes and ears.

For businesses, securing a private connection between employees and company servers is a top priority. By adding a VPN to their security architecture, critical assets and other resources are protected from suspicious activity.

Advantages of integrating a business VPN

Most Internet users have experienced using a VPN to access certain geo-locked websites. This is a typical use of consumer VPN. However, businesses utilize VPN to add a security and privacy layer to their private network.

A business VPN is specially developed to cater to the needs of multiple users. As employees access files on the server at recurring times of the day, data loss and internal breaches are highly plausible vulnerabilities. A business VPN mitigates such risks by requiring authorized access.

Disadvantages of using a business VPN

A consumer VPN replaces a user’s IP address whenever they enable the VPN or switch servers. Meanwhile, a business VPN appoints a fixed IP address and server for the employees to connect to at any time of day.

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