SASE (Secure Accesss Service Edge) is a security stack in the cloud. A full-blown SASE solution has two parts. First part: Secure networking, which can deliver ZTNA. Second part: Security stack in the cloud (CASB, DLP, NGFW, IPS/IDS). Typically, if you have one central office, one branch and some remote users, you can use a VPN to "backhaul" all traffic to the HQ and inspect it in there. However, it is an old-fashioned way to tackle this problem, mainly because it is prolonged and not easily scalable. The modern approach would be to use SASE, in which way your remote users are connecting directly to the SASE (hosted by a vendor in the cloud), and their traffic is inspected there.

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The mesh is a collection of nodes, a lighthouse, and an admin center. The user device is a node, a server is a node, cloud stack is a node, LAN access box is a node.



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