SDP (Software Defined Perimeter) is an open framework created by CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), technically describing how to achieve parameters of ZTNA. For marketing or non-technical purposes, terms like SDP or ZTNA can be used interchangeably.

A software-defined perimeter SDP is a modern approach to providing a secure access to your internal applications and network resources. It works by cloaking or hiding your internet-connected infrastructure, such as routers or servers, thus preventing external or unauthorized parties from accessing it.

Software-Defined Perimeter

Unlike traditional network security systems, which rely on protecting hardware from external threats, an Software Defined Perimeter solution establishes a security perimeter using software, which then regulates application access to your internal network and other sensitive resources based on identity. Thus, only users who have been verified and authorized may have a remote access to your infrastructure.

Benefits of SDP

The great thing about an Software Defined Perimeter is that it’s easy to implement, and because it’s software, its deployment is agile. Furthermore, it offers security for your network regardless of where it’s hosted. Whether you’re using a cloud solution or a private corporate network, your infrastructure will still be protected.

Other SDP use cases

Lastly, its network architecture is based on zero trust network access (ZTNA), which provides flexible ad customizable security policies. By leveraging a zero-trust approach, a software defined perimeter SDP is capable of consistent and continuous verification and validation of users and their devices. At the same time, all remote users’ traffic is fully audited.

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