Security breach

There is often confusion about the meaning of a security incident versus a security breach. A security incident covers many security violations - from systems, network and data access violations to malware, DDoS attacks or even the theft of physical computer equipment and devices with sensitive data. On the other hand, a security breach pertains to data breaches only - not the network or system access violations or malware invasions where data is not involved. In this respect, the security breach is a subcategory of a security incident that relates explicitly to unauthorized access or theft of data only. For example, this data breach could involve altering or outright theft of sensitive company data such as intellectual property or customer lists. It may also involve the unauthorized access, alteration or theft of the personally identifiable information of customers, clients, patients or others that violates these individuals' privacy rights.

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The mesh is a collection of nodes, a lighthouse, and an admin center. The user device is a node, a server is a node, cloud stack is a node, LAN access box is a node.



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