With Shieldoo's remote access, we're delivering top-notch global customer service for our photorobots with ease.

What we were looking for:

Tool, that will streamline our operations

Seamless remote connectivity between peers

To improve our overall efficiency

Our company specialises in developing an innovative automated product photography system based on a hybrid cloud solution - photorobots. These time-saving photorobots allow e-shops with diverse product selections to effortlessly capture 1000 product images daily.

With thousands of photorobots deployed globally at customer sites, our technical support team requires regular access to these devices for maintenance and servicing. Seeking a software-based secure remote access solution, we needed one that could handle hundreds of endpoints across various geographical regions. Shieldoo revolutionised our approach to managing robotics by seamlessly integrating remote connectivity between peers.

As a result, our technical support team can now quickly and securely access all required devices. Moreover, Shieldoo's flexible billing model allows us to pay only for the robots connected each month rather than a static number of serviced items. This has streamlined our operations and improved the overall efficiency of our technical support services.

We enjoyed a smooth and exciting transition to secure, simple, and scalable remote access with Zero Trust! Thanks, Shieldoo jedis!

What we were looking for:

Adopting a Zero Trust Network Access model

A software-based VPN solution

User-friendly, easy deployment and setup for admins

Scalable access to various resources

Simplicity for end-users - a quick download, credential entry, and completion

Uni-Max, an e-shop specialising in tools, operates in multiple European countries with independent branches, each having its internal systems like accounting and CRM. Additionally, we maintain corporate-level systems and applications accessible only to select individuals.

When faced with the challenge of providing secure remote access for hundreds of employees unexpectedly, we initially considered a hardware solution involving VPN tunnels, IP address assignments, and routing configurations. However, we also had to account for diverse access requirements, which can be difficult to set up securely with a VPN.

Exploring new approaches to remote access in response to growing cybersecurity risks, we learned about modern security principles like Zero Trust and software-based VPNs.

This helped us redefine our security needs and identify key requirements. Our goal was a secure, scalable, easy-to-use solution that integrated the Zero Trust model.

We chose Shieldoo among various VPN solutions for its seamless setup. Our admins can drag and drop new devices, servers, or legacy tools into relevant user groups, with offboarding being just as easy—the flexible billing model charges only for active users each month.

Employees can effortlessly download and deploy Shieldoo, gaining instant secure access without interruption. The Single Sign-On feature adds simplicity by eliminating the need for different passwords.

Carl Stahl
Shieldoo operates so smoothly that we hardly notice it's there, in stark contrast to VPNs that are all too noticeable when they don't work.

What we were looking for:

VPN without any issues

Reasonable pricing

Single Sign-On

CarlStahl is a medium-sized enterprise specialising in producing stainless steel structures and lifting equipment for other manufacturers. Our company works with various systems and applications, such as attendance systems, CRM, electronic document circulation, project management systems, and CAD, located in our two main offices.

Previously, we only required a VPN for a few employees who travelled between branches and needed access to resources at both locations. However, even with a limited number of users, connecting to the head office resources proved challenging when more than two people logged in simultaneously. Connections often dropped, large file access became problematic, and this situation caused headaches for both our employees struggling to work effectively and our IT support staff addressing their concerns.

In the process of digitising our operations and migrating to cloud-based solutions with outsourced assistance, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic naturally led us to seek a more reliable cloud solution as our employees had to work from home suddenly. This prompted us to search for a dependable remote access solution to replace our old unstable VPN.

Key factors in our search for the perfect solution included a strong and stable connection with minimal IT support issues and reasonable and flexible pricing for active users, which would be a bonus.

Ultimately, we chose Shieldoo as our VPN solution primarily because of its innovative peer-to-peer technology. This choice perfectly fulfilled our needs. Our employees experience no issues connecting to office resources. By utilising the Single Sign-On feature, they can work efficiently, significantly relieving our IT support team. Setting up Shieldoo takes only minutes, and the user-friendly application allows our IT support staff to manage users and their access to various resources easily.

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