Meet the Shieldoo team

Team of true professionals with a proven track record. Check by yourself.

Who we are

We are a group of people from Cloudfield, a cloud consultancy. We have been working together on various occasions for a long time, and we’ve seen how people struggle with securing their businesses. We help companies of different sizes - startups and banks -set up their IT infrastructure and online services. The team has distilled the best of its know-how and put the most common stuff into a box. And now the package is available to you.

We’re not inventing the wheel. You can set up all the stuff by yourself; most of it is open-source. The point is that all the certificates, lighthouses, and stuff are nicely packaged and topped with an intuitive admin centre. We tailored the wizard for your initial setup, and that’s basically it. You don’t really need to touch it.The team doesn’t come out of anywhere. Some of us have a long recognisable history in leading positions in companies such as IBM or Microsoft. Check it out! You can see our LinkedIn profiles and write us a message.


I love working in a small agile team such as Shieldoo.

Product manager

I love working in a small agile team such as Shieldoo.


I like being able to work from home or anywhere.


I’m an experienced software developer who finds fulfilment in seeing how my work has helped other people.

Valdemar Zavadsky

My experience in engineering and R&D roles under a few corporations has inspired me to start Shieldoo with people I love working with.


I’m a marketing specialist passionate about nature and the energy around us.

Are you looking for a free solution?
Shieldoo is opensource, so you can run it on your server or cloud.

All the information you may need can be found at GitHub.

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