Work remotely, hide servers from the Internet,
secure your path to the cloud

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From Canary islands hotel
or New York train
to Cloud / Server / LAN

Shieldoo secure mesh
is built with well-known
open-source tools.


Outstanding features


Single sign-on

Log in to Shieldoo secure mesh using Google or Microsoft account. Once you are logged in on your device (browser), there is no need to repeat the process. No additional credentials, no need to register. Full feature set available, like password recovery or two-factor.


Zero Trust

The key principle is to never trust any identity by default. The endpoints in the Shieldoo secure mesh always verify who are they talking to and whether the identity is eligible to access the required service.


Traffic monitoring

You can check which endpoint connects where and when with the Shieldoo secure mesh. You might want to make usage statistics or offer details in case of any suspicion, but this is just under your full control.


Time-limited access

Whether you need to pass some of your access privileges to your team while vacationing or you hired a consultant who needs to access your stuff, there are situations when a temporary solution is needed. Set time-limited access rights in a couple of minutes.

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