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Cyberattacks are real threat to any business

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61 % of small businesses were under cyber attacks last year. Numbers are growing.
Can you afford not to protect yourself?

Your Private Network at Risk

Can you afford to be hacked?
It could mean losing access to your emails and critical data for weeks or months or even facing ransom demands. So how will you run your business with such disruption?
average data breach cost for small businesses is $149 000, and 60 % of attacked companies close within six months.

Shieldoo™️ offers secure remote access using modern encryption methods to protect your data. With Zero-Trust authentication, it reduces the risk of breaches and allows work from anywhere. Single sign-on simplifies access.

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Deploy in 1 minute
Setup in 5 mins

Without a dedicated IT department, implementing new solutions can be challenging, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Interoperability and scalability issues can lead to relying on expensive outsourced providers.

Setup and installation of  ShieldooTM is user friendly in just few clicks. It doesn’t require technical knowledge or expensive outside help from a security or network expert. Add/remove users or devices in seconds. Scalability has never been easier.  

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Work from anywhere with super fast connection

While remote work has advantages, like a better work-life balance and access to a global workforce, legacy VPNs can make accessing internal company resources or having stable online meetings challenging and frustrating.

With ShieldooTM, you can enjoy a fast connection to your company's network and the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, whether on your personal device or public Wi-Fi. ShieldooTM employs peer-to-peer communication technology, eliminating the need for gateways like typical VPNs, as data is transmitted directly between devices.

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Shieldoo™️ solves what you hated on VPNs.

Improved speed, stability,
and ease of use

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Meet the people behind

Our dedicated team of Shieldoo cybersecurity experts is here to support you. Think of us as your business bodyguards.

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