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Secure network

Nothing is visible on the Internet. The connection between endpoint users and servers is peer-to-peer and encrypted. No hackable point.

Your private network is secured thanks to our next-gen Shieldoo Mesh based on technology Nebula from Slack. The mesh is a collection of nodes, a lighthouse and an admin centre. Your data will transfer only through your pc and server. The lighthouse helps only discover each node together.

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Zero Trust

Our tool never trusts any identity by default and always verifies any connection separately.

Without you even knowing it, every connection is being continuously controlled. With a zero trust security posture, no user, device, or third-party application is trusted by default. Cloud computing platforms are where zero trust is commonly applied due to their accessibility across multiple devices.

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Setup yourself

Invite or remove a user in seconds. Install a server in a couple of minutes. Grant access to certain services or limited time.

Any new device, server, or legacy tool is effortless and quick to add. Scalability was never easier. Shieldoo Mesh combines the benefits of well-known concepts such as encryption, security groups or tunnelling with unprecedented ease of use. As a result, Shieldoo Mesh is a scalable networking framework that offers highly performant reliability and security.

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It doesn´t matter whether you connect from Mars or Earth. You can work with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Shieldoo Mesh helps you connect your device worldwide and not just that. Thanks to peer-to-peer technology, the connection among your devices is extremely fast without any unnecessary lags. The data doesn't travel to a gateway, as is common with standard VPNs.

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Two factor authentication

Thanks to single sign-on from Microsoft or Google, you have the highest safety guarantee.

By using multifactor authentication and authenticators from those companies, you can have a high-security level and friendly user experience combined. No complicated login, no new passwords. You and your colleagues will use the same procedure as you would access the mailbox.

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Shieldoo is trusted by teams worldwide. Businesses and individuals collaborate daily by the safest virtual network.

Start also working with your colleagues seamlessly and safely.  Try it for free.

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Team of true professionals with a proven track record. Check by yourself.

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