September 2, 2023
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Shieldoo Goes Open Source: Powering Up With Community Feedback

Valdemar Zavadsky
Valdemar Zavadsky
11 Jan 2022
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Shieldoo Goes Open Source: Powering Up With Community Feedback

Shieldoo Goes Open Source: Powering Up With Community Feedback

 Our user-friendly business VPN solution, Shieldoo, is going open source.

1.      Transparency

Technology should be open, transparent, and auditable. Going open source allows our users and the broader community to see exactly how our technology works.

2.     Community Feedback

Open source provides a platform for users, developers, and enthusiasts to share feedback, identify potential vulnerabilities, and suggest improvements. Shieldoo can only benefit from the diverse perspectives and expertise of the global community.

3.     Enhanced Security

We invite the world to review, analyse, and test Shieldoo's secure network by exposing our code to the public. Such transparency often leads to more secure and robust systems, as any vulnerabilities can be quickly identified and rectified.

4.    Trust

Seeing how a system operates internally can instil greater trust. We aim to fortify our users' trust by revealing our inner workings.


Shieldoo is a simple and user-friendly business VPN

Shieldoo is built on the Nebula networking framework developed by Slack and is hosted on the Amazon Web Services platform. Our VPN solution allows computers and mobile devices to connect securely without the challenges of public IP configurations.

Getting Started with Shieldoo

We're beyond excited to welcome the global developer community to our journey. Whether you're a business user, a developer, a security analyst, or just someone curious about VPN solutions, we invite you to explore, test, and provide feedback. Let's make the digital realm more secure and accessible for everyone.

Get secured with Shieldoo

Dive into our open-source universe with ease:

·     Repository: Interested in taking a deep dive? Head over to our [Shieldoo Mesh GitHub repository](

·     Installation Guide: If you want to implement Shieldoo, we've provided a comprehensive [installation guide]( on our project homepage.

·     Detailed Documentation: Learn more about features like Lighthouse Technology, Zero Trust, Traffic Monitoring, and more, all available on our website.

·     Screenshots and Visuals: Want a visual feel? Check out the Shieldoo Admin portal screenshots to better understand our UI and functionalities.


Why did Shieldoo decide to go open-source?

Going open source aligns with our transparency, trust, and community collaboration values. It allows for heightened security through collective oversight, fosters trust by showcasing our system's inner workings, and welcomes diverse insights for continuous improvement.

What makes Shieldoo stand out as a business VPN solution?

Shieldoo offers a blend of ease of use, robust security, and swift connections. Built on the Nebula framework and AWS, it ensures 5-minute setups, advanced encryption, single sign-on with MFA, and superfast peer-to-peer connections. 

How can I contribute to the Shieldoo open-source project?

Start by exploring our Shieldoo GitHub repository. You can provide feedback, identify issues, suggest improvements, or even submit code. We appreciate and value all contributions that help improve Shieldoo.

Are you looking for a free solution?
Shieldoo is opensource, so you can run it on your server or cloud.

All the information you may need can be found at GitHub.

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