What we were looking for:

Tool, that will streamline our operations
Seamless remote connectivity between peers
To improve our overall efficiency

Our company specialises in developing an innovative automated product photography system based on a hybrid cloud solution - photorobots. These time-saving photorobots allow e-shops with diverse product selections to effortlessly capture 1000 product images daily.

With thousands of photorobots deployed globally at customer sites, our technical support team requires regular access to these devices for maintenance and servicing. Seeking a software-based secure remote access solution, we needed one that could handle hundreds of endpoints across various geographical regions. Shieldoo revolutionised our approach to managing robotics by seamlessly integrating remote connectivity between peers.

As a result, our technical support team can now quickly and securely access all required devices. Moreover, Shieldoo's flexible billing model allows us to pay only for the robots connected each month rather than a static number of serviced items. This has streamlined our operations and improved the overall efficiency of our technical support services.

With Shieldoo's remote access, we're delivering top-notch global customer service for our photorobots with ease.

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